October 22, 2021
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Foxwell BT100 Review: Inexpensive & Good Value Battery Tester

Today I’ll test a new Battery Analyzer just got recently – Foxwell BT100 from a Chinese manufacturer. This tester is quite inexpensive. Therefore, it can be used in the conditions of a car service shop selling a battery or simply by motorists themselves.

foxwell-bt100-review-inexpensive-good-value-battery-tester 1


Let me unpack the BT100 tester to have a look.

As we can see, there is a folded instruction inside.

foxwell-bt100-review-inexpensive-good-value-battery-tester 2


Now I’ll test the battery of this car. So connect the terminals to the pluses and minuses. The BT100 Battery Tester does not immediately turn on. It shows the current value of the battery. Actually, this will be a cumulative data for an almost 8 years’ battery. So I’m very interested in its state.

foxwell-bt100-review-inexpensive-good-value-battery-tester 3


Press “Enter” to main menu: it’s including check batteries, previous selection result, language information, about the current version.

foxwell-bt100-review-inexpensive-good-value-battery-tester 4


Go to the Battery Check, I have the choice of Outside The Vehicle or On The Car. In this case, I’ll check it on the car.


Go to the type of battery, there are Regular Flooded, AGM, GEL options. It’s a GEL battery. And I’ll test the CCA system for it.

foxwell-bt100-review-inexpensive-good-value-battery-tester5 foxwell-bt100-review-inexpensive-good-value-battery-tester 6


The result shows that I have a good battery. In general, it’ll display several options to indicate if battery replacement is needed. The current voltage is 12.46V, SOH 100%, SOC 83%, RES. 3.26 MR. All that data further means it’s a healthy battery.


This is a Foxwell BT100 review testing on a car for the first time. Quite convenient and handy to carry. It is exactly good value for money.

foxwell-bt100-review-inexpensive-good-value-battery-tester 7 foxwell-bt100-review-inexpensive-good-value-battery-tester 8


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