November 27, 2021
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Foxwell BT780 Battery Analyzer Firmware Upgrade Instruction

I have to say that Foxwell BT780 is a professional battery tester that can help technicians, workshops, and enthusiasts check the car’s battery health, detect faults of starting and charging systems quickly and easily. And it’s very cost-effective at an affordable price for most ordinary users.

Today, we are going to learn something practical about using this tool. Let’s come and see together:

Today’s learning task: How to upgrade the firmware of Foxwell BT780 Battery Analyzer.

Detailed Operation procedures:
First, we have to Browse Foxwell official website to download the upgrade software.
Type in the address bar>>Click “Products” in the Home page and select BT780>>Scroll down the page until find the “Download” column

If you find this file “BT780 Firmware 1.5, click the download sign on the right to continue.

After finish downloading this file, right click this file and choose “Show in folder”. You’d better copy or cut this zip file and paste it on the desktop of your computer.


Then, we have to take out the SD card from the device and put it into the card reader.


Next, we have to format the SD card, unzip the file, and put it into the SD card


Open it and choose the first file in this folder and click “Extract here”.
Copy the unzipped file “” into the SD card.


We are almost there for today’s firmware updating.
The next step is to pull out the SD card and insert it into BT780. Press the “Start” button and see what’s happening in this device.


Go to the main menu and scroll down to select “FIRMWARE UPDATE”>>Enter the password “1234” to upgrade


The Screen will display “FIRMWARE UPDATING, PLEASE WAIT…”

Wait a few minutes until it restarts to the following interface.

Congratulations! The firmware updating of Foxwell BT780 is completed successfully. You guys would do amazing jobs with the help of this powerful battery analyzer.