November 27, 2021
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Foxwell F1000B User Manual: How to do Battery Testing

Foxwell F1000B 12 Volt Automotive Battery Analyzer allows you to analyze the health of the battery and view the charge status of the battery.
This section describes how to use this F1000B battery tester to test car batteries and charging systems. The menu display will guide you step by step through the testing process.

Here are the steps:
Step 1. Connecting the F1000B Battery Tester.
Connect the red clamp to the positive (+) terminal and the black clamp to the negative (-).
The tester turns on automatically when it is properly connected to the battery.

Step 2. Select “Battery” in the main interface of the device and select “Battery test”.

Step 3. Press the ENTER button to start the test. BAT. LOCATION Menu will display.

Step 4. Scroll the UP or DOWN button to highlight OUT OF VEHICLE or IN VEHICLE from the BATTERY LOCATION menu and press ENTER to select the battery location.

Step 5. Scroll the UP or DOWN button to select the battery type from the BATTERY TYPE menu and press ENTER to confirm.

Step 6. Scroll with the UP or DOWN button to select the battery standard from the BATTERY STANDARD menu and press ENTER to confirm. Not all classification systems are available for every application.
Global Rating Systems:

Standard Description F1000B Testing Range
CCA Cold Cranking Amps, as specified by SAE. The most common rating for cranking batteries at 0°F (-18°C) 100-1100
CA Cranking Amps standard. The effective starting current value at 0°C (32°F). 100-1100
MCA Marine Cranking Amps standard. The effective starting current value at 0°C (32°F). 100-1100
JIS Japanese Industry Standard, shown on a battery as a combination of numbers and letters 26A17–245H52
DIN Deutsche Industrie-Norm 100-1100
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission 100-1100
EN Europa-Norm 100-1100
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers 100-1100

Step 7. Use the UP or DOWN button to change the measurement range until the correct battery range is entered. Press ENTER to start the test.

Step 8. View the test results on the screen. Depending on the battery status, one of the following test results may be displayed.

Test Results Interpretation
GOOD BATTERY The battery is in good condition.
GOOD-RECHARGE The battery is in good condition but low current. Fully charge the battery and return it to service.
CHARGE & RETEST Fully charge the battery and retest. Failure to fully charge the battery before testing may result in inaccurate results. If you still get CHARGE & RETEST message after you fully charge the battery, replace it.
REPLACE BATTERY The battery is almost dead or the connection between the battery and battery cable is poor. Replace the battery and retest; or disconnect the battery cables and retest the
battery using the out-of-vehicle test before replacing it.
BAD CELL-REPLACE The battery may be damaged such as broken cell or short circuit. Replace the battery and retest.

Step 9. Press the Back arrow button to exit the test.

NOTE: The OBDII Battery tester keeps the results of the last test only. When you start a new test, the last results are overwritten.

For more details please refer to Foxwell F1000B OBD2 Battery Tester User Manual

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