January 25, 2022
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Foxwell GT60 Plus do a SAS for Porsche Boxster 981 2014

There was a steering angle sensor limitation warning light on the Porsche Boxster 981 2014 dashboard. So I’m gonna use Foxwell GT60 Plus Diagnostic Platform to do an SAS function on it.

foxwell-gt60-plus-do-a-sas-for-porsche-boxster-981-2014 01


How to do SAS on a Porsche Boxster 981 2014 via GT60 Plus?

Connect GT60 Plus with OBD, press

  • Diagnostic >> Automatic read >> OK >> Special functions >> Steering angle sensor >> Special functions >> Steering angle sensor calibration >> Start


Wait processing…

foxwell-gt60-plus-do-a-sas-for-porsche-boxster-981-2014 02

foxwell-gt60-plus-do-a-sas-for-porsche-boxster-981-2014 foxwell-gt60-plus-do-a-sas-for-porsche-boxster-981-2014 04 foxwell-gt60-plus-do-a-sas-for-porsche-boxster-981-2014 05


Restart the vehicle to turn the steering wheel left and right to the end.

The SAS warning light has gone!


foxwell-gt60-plus-do-a-sas-for-porsche-boxster-981-2014 (6)


Full Operation Video

This is a quick demo on using Foxwell GT60 Plus to do a SAS for Porsche Boxster 981 2014 successfully.