October 22, 2021
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Foxwell i75TS Diagnostic Scanner Unboxing Quick Review

Just got one new package recently, it is from Foxwell latest scanner i75TS Diagnostic Tool. Following I’ll make a quick unboxing review, let’s get start.


It is a big case, this i75TS kit looks pretty similar to the Foxwell i80 Max.



Inside it should have all the adapters. This is a Mercedes Benz OBD1 connector. Here as you can see, there are also Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Daewoo, Kia, Nissan connectors. There is a BMW 20pin connector, too.

foxwell-i75ts-diagnostic-scanner-unboxing-quick-review-2 foxwell-i75ts-diagnostic-scanner-unboxing-quick-review-3


Here is a quick start guide and a packing list. Some Foxwell i75TS instructions which are also available online. A warranty card and a product brochure.



This is a bag of cables, including OBD2 charging cable, adapters for different cars, a cigarette lighter charger.


This is the vehicle control interface or we called it VCI.

foxwell-i75ts-diagnostic-scanner-unboxing-quick-review-4 foxwell-i75ts-diagnostic-scanner-unboxing-quick-review-6


Let’s take the tablet screen around and we’ll compare to the i80 Max. As you can see, the i75TS is a little bit smaller, but coming with a same ruggedized case.


In the corner here, it’s got the little symbol for your tire pressure monitor. On the outside of i75TS scanner, there are 3 ports: USB 3.0, HDMI, USB ports. And a volume and power button by the side.

foxwell-i75ts-diagnostic-scanner-unboxing-quick-review-7 foxwell-i75ts-diagnostic-scanner-unboxing-quick-review-

foxwell-i75ts-diagnostic-scanner-unboxing-quick-review-9 foxwell-i75ts-diagnostic-scanner-unboxing-quick-review-10

Long press power button can power it up, but you may charge it at first.


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