November 27, 2021
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Foxwell NT301 Plus Manual: Update and Data Print

Foxwell NT301 Plus is a combination of NT301 scanner and BT100 battery tester, providing a simpler and cheaper solution for OBD failures and battery health check.

In this post, we will show part of the NT301 Plus Manual on how to update and print data for NT301Plus.

Here we go!

Part 1. Foxwell NT301 Plus Updating

● Do not disconnect the Tester from the computer or turn off the computer during the update process.
● No registration required
● PC: Support for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10

The Upgrade Process:

Step 1. Download the update tool NT Wonder and install it.


Step 2. Enable NT Wonder and connect NT301 Plus to the computer with a USB cable.
Please press and hold the “HELP” key while connecting the USD cable.


When NT301Plus enters the Update Mode, the application would detect it automatically.


Step 3. Click <Update online> or<Update offline>to start updating according to the software version conditions.

Update online: With an internet connection, the tool NT Wonder automatically detects the software version of the OBDII&Battery tester and read the latest software version from the server. If any new diagnosis software found, it will automatically upgrade your NT301PLUS. Otherwise, a prompt of the new version not detected displays.
Update offline: Update files will be automatically stored in your computer hard drive with every successful online update. When picking Update offline, the update tool NT Wonder will detect these local files automatically and display them in a list. Ticking one of them will lead to an update process, which eliminates the need to download any file.


An Update Finished Message displays when the update is completed.


Part 2. NT301 Plus Printing Data

The test results stored in the tester and can be printed through a computer. Test data can only be imported to your computer through NT Wonder.

Step 1. Connect the NT301Plus to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 2. Launch NT Wonder and choose Print Button from the menu.


Step 3. Select Print Data from the home screen of the NT301 Plus.


Step 4. Use the UP/DOWN key to select the desired data to print. If all recorded data to be printed, use the UP/DOWN key to select Print All Data.


Step 5. Press the ENTER key to load data to the edit box of update tool NT Wonder.
Click the Clear key to delete the data and Use the Copy key to save the data to the clipboard on the computer.
It also allows the users to edit the text by moving the cursor to the edit box.


Step 6. With the printer correctly connected, use the Print key to print the testing data.

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