November 27, 2021
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Foxwell NT510 Elite “NO OBDII Icon” Error Solution

Quite a few customers who have bought Foxwell NT510 Elite may encounter some problems of how to use it on their cars. A couple of days ago, one friend of mind just shared his problem of using this device after registering it on the H just told the problem to the customer service of Foxwellstore, and finally he got it solved.
Maybe this update of my article will help the users of NT510 Elite when facing the same problem. If so, I would be extremely happy about it.

Let’s come and see what his problem exactly is:
The scanner is registered. It’s not working.
I signed up day 1 when I got it
How come my unit doesn’t have the OBDII icon???

The engineer of worked out this problem and gave a solution as follows:
This error occurred because the customer switched the language, making the language of the device not identical with that of the software. As long as you update the software by following the correct operation procedures, you will solve this problem easily. The registering and installation supported video link is provided below, please check:

After getting the response, my friend immediately tried it and it did work.
Let’s see his reply to the customer service staff:
“Hi, I followed the video and updated the unit. I guess it’s good now. Have to try it on my car later.”

Then, let’s see the interface of this device as it is normally displayed: