November 27, 2021
  • Black Friday Sale 2021

Foxwell NT630 Plus Scanner Review: Totally Worth the Price

The Foxwell NT630 plus scanner is a professional diagnostic scan tool with a wide range of features and functions by virtue of an exceptional vehicle coverage of more than 52 car makes,. Featuring a large LCD color screen, the NT630 plus is easy to use and fast. It can read and erase ABS/SRS fault codes, help get rid of car ABS/SRS malfunction, reset service light, read ECU information, and much more.


The NT630 plus scanner supports all 10 OBD test modes and helps you to diagnosis the SRS system to ensure that it functions as needed all the time. The clearly arranged keypad and multilingual menu make using this device to be easy and fun. Also, it features free lifetime online updates but it cannot be updated on the MAC system.  If you’re a pro mechanic, this will be a great professional scanner for your needs.

Technical parameter comparison chart:

Functions/Features Foxwell NT630 Plus Scanner
Works Range All 1996 and other vehicles
Display DTC definitions on unit screen
Live data YES
ABS Active Test YES
Airbag Diagnostic Functions YES
ESP sensors data YES
Reads, stores Data YES
Service Functions Yes! Reset Check Engine Light, ABS and Airbag Service Light
Lifetime Free Updates Option YES
Modes number 6 functionality
Warranty One-Year Limited Warranty

What do its advantages generally have? Any limitations?


1.Easy to use the device

2.Wider vehicle coverage

3.Broad functions

4.Full OBD2 service function

5.Ergonomic design and rugged construction

6.Multilingual device

7.Offers life-long free updates

Slight limitations so far:

1. The user manual doesn’t come with enough information which may be quite challenging for the beginner to use the scan tool.

2. Registering the device is time-consuming as the website constantly rejects emails.

3. It cannot be updated on MAC system as it is not compatible with MAC.

Purchase recommendation: five-star raring for most customers with such cost-efficient price. Totally worth the price!