November 28, 2021
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Foxwell NT680 Pro Aston Martin 2009 Vantage V8 Test Report & User Guide

A bunch of customers who bought Foxwell NT680 Pro gives high praise for its quality and performance. In recent weeks, we’ve got feedback from them and asked for us to give them some useful tips and for the best, together with the practical vehicle test report. Here we go to provide the tech article below.


Vehicle model tested: Aston Martin 2009 Vantage V8

Service tool used: Foxwell NT680 Pro

Test aim: if the designated vehicle can be diagnosed

The technical engineer of have performed this practical vehicle test with NT680 pro and got the test conclusion:

Foxwell NT680 Pro is totally diagnosed perfectly with 680 Pro. Already diagnosed the control unit by an auto-scan of this unit. Then, all live data of the vehicle can be displayed on the unit’s screen. It seems that Aston Martin is more responsive than other general-purpose testers.

Foxwell NT680 Pro User guide:

First of all, Plug the Foxwell NT680 Pro into the OBD2 port of 2009 Vantage V8, the machine will boot automatically.

After selecting the “Aston Martin”, the units screen will display car models below:

Cygnet (from 2011)

DB9 (from 2004)

DBS V12 (from 2007)

Rapid ( from 2009)

Vantage (from 2005)

Virage (from 2011)

The device is able to automatically scan the car information and to access all control units as below.

You can also see the Live Data of the vehicle under testing:

Foxwell NT680 Pro performed so well in this test.

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