January 25, 2022
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Foxwell NT680 Pro Reset Audi Check Engine Glowplug Diagnose Light

There is a flashing engine glowplug light showing on the Audi dashboard, so in this case I’m just going to use Foxwell NT680 Pro scan tool to diagnose and reset the warning light. The tool also works on other VAG vehicles such as VW, Skoda & Seat.



Plug the connector into OBD port, press

  • Diagnostic >> Europe >> AUDI >> Systems >> Diagnosis >> Control modules >> Common >> Engine control system >> Read codes


There shows a fault code:

P010400 – Mass or volume air flow circuit intermittent – active/static.

foxwell-nt680-pro-reset-audi-check-engine-glowplug-diagnose-light-02 foxwell-nt680-pro-reset-audi-check-engine-glowplug-diagnose-light-03 foxwell-nt680-pro-reset-audi-check-engine-glowplug-diagnose-light-04 foxwell-nt680-pro-reset-audi-check-engine-glowplug-diagnose-light-05


Actually I’ve put a new mass air flow sensor in, because it was not running really well. But the glowplug light is still flashing always there.

Since the reason I’ve fixed it. So let’s “Clear codes”.


Ignition ON and engine not running? Yes


DTCs and freeze data will be cleared! Press “Yes” to continue.


Do you want to clear all of the system’s DTC? OK

Codes cleared!

The warning light has gone meanwhile!


foxwell-nt680-pro-reset-audi-check-engine-glowplug-diagnose-light-06 foxwell-nt680-pro-reset-audi-check-engine-glowplug-diagnose-light-07 foxwell-nt680-pro-reset-audi-check-engine-glowplug-diagnose-light-08


The NT680 Pro Diagnostic Tool is a really good professional all systems coverage scanner, it does a lot of maintenance services as well like oil, EPB, DPF, SAS, TBA. It’s quite a lot for me to scroll through there in any case.