November 27, 2021
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Foxwell T1000 TPMS Tool Review: Unboxing & Functions Test

Hey guys, today I want to take a moment to show off a new TPMS Trigger Tool Foxwell T1000. I’ve got one at my shop. And I decided to pick up another one because you can never have too many scan tools when you work on cars.

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Foxwell T1000 Unboxing Review


T1000 TPMS Tool is for reading tire pressure, sensors relearning or cloning tire pressure sensors. Let’s go ahead and open this thing up:


Foxwell T1000 package includes that nice blow molded case so this stuff doesn’t get beat up in your toolbox. That’s always cool.


Here we go, we got some manuals here. It’s a quick start guide. So we can do updates.It is updatable over the web. Register the tool and then we do have some quick TPMS Sensor activation tips.


The T1000 user guide comes with a warranty card. It’s all in English nice 39 pages. That’s a pretty comprehensive manual.

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The USB cable is probably for updating. And the plug is power to recharge. Because unlike an OBD2 scan tool, there’s nothing to plug in on T1000. So this tool has to be battery packed.


And then this magnet would be for other different models of cars.


This is T1000 main unit, I’ll start it to see how it works.

There are 6 main functions on Home page: TPMS, RKE&RF, Latest test, Updata, About And Setting.

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Foxwell T1000 TPMS Functions Test Review


  • RKE&RF

I am holding my key on one second, it can check key remotes by pressing any key button. You’ll hear a beep, that’s pretty awesome. We can check key fobs if it is the battery dead or is there something else going on there. That’s a nice function.

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  • Setting

Here we can change languages, turn the beep off, automatic power-off, ID format, set pressures unit & temperature unit, tire test.


  • TPMS

It’s required to select car model firstly: including area, car maker and year. After that, we can perform TPMS sensor activate, TPMS sensors program, sensor learning process, original sensor info. This is exactly nice to tell how you should learn sensors & what the original manufacturer is.


In the TPMS program, it allows to do automatic create(1-16), manual create, clone by activation.


Now I’ll go outside to test sensor activate function on a Mitsubishi Mirage 2019.


Put T1000 tool up to the tire pressure sensor and press button.

After a rapid beep, it’ll show the sensor info to activate.

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That’s how simple it is to do this job. A tool like Foxwell T1000 used to cost about 1000 bucks, but now you can get all these functions for less than $200. Pretty awesome price!

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