October 22, 2021
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Honda Civic Easy Airbag Light Reset Using Foxwell NT680 Pro

Today’s learning task: How to use Foxwell NT680 Pro to reset airbag light for Honda Civic car model?

Now, follow me to check every step of the instruction below:

Detailed operation instruction:
See the airbag warning light as shown on the car screen

What we are going to is diagnose the fault code of the airbag and reset the warning light.
First of all, find the main menu and select “Diagnosis” to move on

Select “Region”(Asia here)>>Select car model(Honda here)>>Select “Smart VIN”
The screen of the device shows you the “Vehicle Details” of your car.
All you have to do is take a few seconds to confirm this information and then press “F2” to continue.





Then, you can see the “Main Groups” menu in the top position of the screen.
Four options are listed up there including “Quick Scan, Control Modules, Vehicle Details, and SCS”.
Click “Control Modules” and you will come to the “Function Menu”. Many special functions of the device are waiting for you to use.

Click the third function “Airbag Control System(SRS)”. That’s the correct one we are looking for in this manual.

Under the “System Selection Menu”, select “Airbag Control System(SRS)” again to jump to the next interface.

We are looking for the fault code of the airbag, so we need to select “Read Codes” and the permanent DTCs the device has diagnosed will be shown in detail.



What we are going to do is clear the fault codes, so press “F3” to complete it.
The screen will prompt information “DTCs and freeze data will be cleared. Are you sure to continue?”
Absolutely we are going to do that. Just press “Yes”.

At the same time, keep your eyes on the airbag warning light. Then, the light is back to normal.

The device screen will show:


Very well! The airbag light reset job is completely done with Foxwell NT680 Pro.