November 27, 2021
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How to Add More Language for Foxwell BT780 Battery Tester?

Customer Problem: I received my Foxwell BT780 recently. When I started it, I found there are only three languages there. Can I add the language I need by FoxAssist update tool?

foxwell-bt780-change-language-1 engineer replied:
You don’t need FoxAssist update tool. Please the following steps to operate.
Step 1: Format the TF card on the Foxwell BT780 battery tester


Step 2: Connect the TF card with computer via a card reader
Step 3: Download the latest software from FOXWELL official website

Step 4: There are 6 zipped packages in the folder. One package means one software with 3 languages, select the software you desire and unzip


Step 5: Put the TF card into the BT780 tester and turn on, then select [FIRWARE UPDATE] from the main menu


Step 6: Input the password 1234 and press the [Enter] button.


After the machine restart automatically, the software is updated successfully.

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