November 27, 2021
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How to do BMW Battery Registration via Foxwell NT510 Elite?

This is taking a 2009 BMW 328i to demonstrate how to register new battery with Foxwell NT510 Elite as example . NT530 BMW Scanner is newer device with same features & similar operations. If you have just replaced battery recently, following may help.


BMW Battery Registration Operating Steps

Connect the Foxwell Professional Scanner to OBD.

Turn ignition on, do not start engine. Go to

BMW >> Confirm car model >> SmartVIN >> Confirm VIN


It is going to take a second to read data.

Just waiting until 100%…


Service >> Body >> Voltage supply >> Battery >> Register battery replacement >> Register battery exchange


Select number to do functions:

  1. Display battery exchange history.
  2. Register battery exchange.
  3. End service function.

Here select No.2.


Select battery capacity:

  1. Same capacity.
  2. Higher / lower capacity.
  3. Change from normal leadacid battery to AGM battery

Just select according to your case.

The replaced battery what I have is not the same as the original one. It has a little bit more capacity. So I’ll select No.2 here.


Read the notes, press “Yes”.

It’s asking to enter date, just type in.


Is the newly installed battery an original BMW part? Mine is not.


Battery exchange is entered in engine electronics(DME or DDE).

Please wait…


The battery exchange was successful.

Yes >> Yes

All are set.


Unplug the connector.

Step on the brake, then stop the car.



This is using Foxwell NT510 Elite/NT530 for BMW battery registration tutorial.