October 22, 2021
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How to Perform Vehicle Active Tests by Foxwell NT510 Elite

As an outstanding OBD2 product from Foxwell Professional Scanners, Foxwell NT510 Elite has the 11 main powerful functions, for example, reading and erasing error codes, reading record graph live sensor data, freeze frame data, ABS bleeding Anti-lock Braking System Device Reset Tool, SRS Airbag Device Reset Tool etc. Such an ideal professional scanner with cost-effective price and high quality.

This tech article will focus on providing specific procedures on how to perform vehicle active tests using the Foxwell NT510 Elite Professional Scanner.

Before the actual test, let’s first get to know more about the meaning of the actual test?

What does this concept exactly mean?
Active Tests, also known as Actuator Tests, are bi-directional diagnostic tests on vehicle systems and components. The tests let you use the scanner to temporarily activate or control a vehicle system or component, and when you exit the test, the system/component returns to normal operation.

Some tests display command to the operator. For example, if “Press Brake Pedal” displays, the operator has to press and hold the brake pedal and then continue. The sequence, number, and type of tests are dictated by the control module.

On some systems, the actuator tests cannot be restarted until the ignition key is switched off for some time. Alternatively, briefly start and run the engine, shut down, turn the ignition to the run position, then re-initiate the actuator tests.

Two Important Messages before Operation:
1. The tests activate a component, but they do not check if the component is working correctly. Make sure the components to be tested are in good condition and correctly mounted.
2. Available tests depend on the control module under test and the vehicle itself.

How to Start a Test?
1. Select “Active Tests” from Function Menu and press the “ENTER” key

2. Select the test you would like to perform and press the “ENTER” key. Follow on-screen instructions to make proper selections and operations to complete the tests.

Please do keep this in your mind during running any tests:
Remember to follow any warnings and descriptions provided on the scanner screens and never run the tests while the vehicle is moving.

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