January 25, 2022
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How to Register & Update Foxwell i75TS TPMS Platform?

This is a guide to show the process of Foxwell i75TS TPMS Platform registration & upgrade for the first time.


NOTE: please ensure your network is well and the i75TS tablet is fully charged or connect to external power supply.

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How to register Foxwell i75TS?

  1. Press “Update”from diagnostic app on Home page, then press “Free Registration” to start;

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  1. Go access your email to get a 4-digit security code by pressing “Send Code”. Enter the code and password, press “Free Registration”to complete;

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  1. The serial number will be recognized automatically, press “Submit”to activate i75TS

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How to update Foxwell i75TS?

  1. Press “Update”from diagnostic app on Home page. Or press “Update” shortcut at the tool bar directly;
  2. It will display all available software to update on screen.

Select the software need to be updated, press “Update”. Foxwll i75ts ’ll start to download & install automatically.

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PDF download:  Foxwell I70TS Quick Start Guide

More questions about Foxwell i75TS welcome to contact us.