November 27, 2021
  • Black Friday Sale 2021

How to use Foxwell NT650Elite to reset oil maintenance light?

Foxwell NT650Elite, the update version of FOXWELL NT650, a very professional Multi-Application service tool, which works for engine check, airbag, ABS diagnostic solutions, and more 13 system reset service, especially TPMS, EPB, Oil Service, ABS, Airbag, DPF, Throttle TBA/TPS, and battery configuration and very easy to us.

Today we will show you how to use the scanner to reset the oil maintenance light step by step.

Step 1. Connect the scanner with the Car

Step 2. Select Oilreset

Step 3. Go to select the car model

Step 4. There will be communication

Step 5. If there is an error message, just follow the information to operate

Done, success!

To sum up

Using the Foxwell NT650 elite to reset oil maintenance light is very easy and fast.

The guidance for functions will be updated next time!

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