October 22, 2021
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TOP 3 Foxwell Professional Scanners Review 2020

Foxwell Professional scanners so far have representative products such as NT650 Elite, NT530 and NT510 Elite. They are on the top 3 list this year by virtue of their multi-application service, high performance, reliable user experience, high-quality hardware, and etc. Foxwell devotes continuous efforts to offer the customers accurate, fast and highly-efficient professional diagnostic scanners. Foxwell doesn’t fail the customers because it develops high-end and new style automotive service tools as always.
In the following part, this article will make a quick review of the Top 3 Foxwell Professional Scanners in 2020.

TOP 1. Foxwell NT650 Elite Professional Scanner:

NT650 Elite OBD2 diagnostic scanner provides comprehensive OBDII diagnostics for global OBDII/EOBD vehicles. After upgrading the processor to 9X35 and the running memory to 1GBit, it runs several times faster than the version that did not upgrade the processor. Moreover, it comes with Auto VIN technology that could automatically identify the vehicle’s make, model and year information. It has clearly arranged keypad, menu-driven operation, shortcuts and easy-to-read 4.3” color display screen make the scanner extremely easy to use.

Key features of Foxwell NT650 Elite:
1. Identifies cars quickly and easily with one-key VIN reading.
2. Reads and clears codes and turns off warning indicators.
3. Multi-lingual supported
4. Lifetime free update by USB cable
5. Full OBDII Functions with bi-directional Tests
6. TWO Main Systems Diagnostics (ABS, Airbag System)

Let’s see a customer review:
Artak Harutyunyan gave a five-star review and commented, “Very good delivery service and work well on my car with many special functions as advertised by the seller. But one question, how can I update NT650 Elite?

Staff of Customer Service of Foxwell replied:
Thanks a lot for your positive feedback. Please check this link below, it will tell you how to update NT650 Elite.

TOP 2. Foxwell NT530 Professional Scanner:

As an updated version of NT510/NT520 Pro, Foxwell NT530 is compatible with both OBDI and OBDII vehicles and has multi-system diagnosis such as ABS, Airbag, Immobilizer, Fuel Injection Control Module, Seat Memory Module and so on. It is a good scan tool for technicians, workers of repair shop and car DIYers because it delivers OE-level diagnosis for different car brands and supports the most commonly required service and coding features. With the upgrade of hardware and software, it can help approach problems with greater speed and accuracy.

Key features of Foxwell NT530:
1. Free update online lifetime
2. Access to powertrain, chassis and body systems
3. Read and clears diagnostic trouble codes and resets MIL of all systems
4. Multi-language menus and codes for an international marketplace
5. Run component/system bi-directional tests
6. Show live vehicle sensors data in text and graph formats
7. Merge interactive live sensor graphs for easy and intuitive diagnosis

Let’s see a customer review:
Mike Panichella gave a five-star review and commented, “Excellent products with high quality. Could you tell me does the NT530 come preloaded with all of the vehicles listed above or do they have to be loaded?

Staff of Customer Service of Foxwell replied:
NT530 only come with one car brand software for free and one nt530 scanner can only add at most 5 car brands at most.
And after you buy from us, you go to foxwelltech.us and download the first free car brand software. As for other car brands, you need to buy externally.
If you want a scanner that can support many car brands, we recommend you to buy NT680 pro.

TOP 3. Foxwell NT510 Elite Professional Scanner

Foxwell NT510 Elite has the ability to read and clear trouble codes of all major systems, including engine, airbag, ABS, SAS, EPB, etc. As a professional diagnostic scan tool, it has advanced features for BWM car model, for example, Control service interval reset, brake deactivation, ABS activation, battery registration. It has high efficiency, reliable quality and long service life. Benefiting from its ergonomic design, You can perform diagnostic tests inside or outside of the car, and the clear menu makes it easy to operate.

Key features of Foxwell NT510 Elite:
1. Compatible with global OBDI/OBDII/EOBD
2. Support full 10 OBD test modes
3. Read, clear codes and turn off MILs
4. Request and record live sensor data, displays freeze frame data
5. Merge and view 2 parameter graphs simultaneously
6. Run Component/system bi-directional tests
7. Does active test on specific systems and components

Let’s see a customer review:
Bradley Sluss gave a five-star review and commented, “So far, good user experience and work well on my 2020 BMW M5 F90. Still two questions waiting for answers:
1.Does NT510 Elite install all the software prior to shipment? If not, what can I do?
2. What’s the difference between the two NT530 and NT510 Elite? They look exactly alike.

Staff of Customer Service of Foxwell replied:
Very positive feedback, thanks. Here are the answers:
1. This NT510 Elite comes with No Software, please download 1 Car Make Software for free from the official website.
If you need to buy extra car make software, please check SC283-S1 or SC283-S2 on our site foxwellstore.com.
2.NT510 Elite and NT530 are equipping with same function and software. The product appearance actually is a little different, and the NT530 firmware is an updated version. As for the price, NT510 Elite is cheaper than NT530.

In Summary:
Foxwell NT650 Elite, NT530 and NT510 Elite are all high-quality OBD2 diagnostic scanners under Foxwell brand currently. But they still have differences between the updated special functions, hardware parameters and supported car models. As for the vehicle model coverage, NT650 Elite is better than the other two. As for the supported special functions, NT650 Elite is the winner of the three products as well. So If you seeks best using experience, just spend a little more money to get it. It is worth your money to have a try. NT530 and NT510 Elite have the same functions supported and nearly the same price. They are both good tools to diagnose the car problems. Customers could purchase depending on personal actual needs and preferences.