November 27, 2021
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2017 Ford Taurus EPB Reset via Foxwell GT60 Plus in 1 min

Use Foxwell GT60 Plus Scan Tool to do EPB(brake pad replacement) reset for a 2017 Ford Taurus is easy to be done in 1 minute. Here I’ll show how to do.


Plug GT60 Plus connector into OBD2 port, press

EPB >> Start >> Ford >> Smart VIN >> Yes >> Maintenance mode

2017-ford-taurus-epb-reset-via-foxwell-gt60-plus-in-1-min-01 2017-ford-taurus-epb-reset-via-foxwell-gt60-plus-in-1-min-02 2017-ford-taurus-epb-reset-via-foxwell-gt60-plus-in-1-min-03 2017-ford-taurus-epb-reset-via-foxwell-gt60-plus-in-1-min-04 2017-ford-taurus-epb-reset-via-foxwell-gt60-plus-in-1-min-05


Enter maintenance mode.

This procedure puts the module into the service position for changing brake pads or calipers. The calipers will be retracted an locked in place so the brake pads can be replaced. No other command can be used other than Exit Maintenance mode at this point.

Refer to the appropriate workshop manual for further details.

Before performing this procedure, please make sure the following operation are completed.


Vehicle must be in PARK.

Ensure that you’re not pressing the brake pendal.

Press “Yes” to continue.


Switch ignition to ON.

The dashboard shows it is in maintenance mode.

2017-ford-taurus-epb-reset-via-foxwell-gt60-plus-in-1-min-6 2017-ford-taurus-epb-reset-via-foxwell-gt60-plus-in-1-min-7


Complete the necessary service work(i.e. replacing brake pads or servicing calipers).


Exit maintenance mode.

Run this procedure after replacing the brake pads or servicing a caliper. The park brake system will be in its normal rest position. This procedure also triggers a calibration run and resets the maintenance mode lock. This is the only command which can be executed after entering maintenance mode.

Refer to the appropriate workshop manual for further details.

Press “OK”.


Function complete!


2017-ford-taurus-epb-reset-via-foxwell-gt60-plus-in-1-min-8 2017-ford-taurus-epb-reset-via-foxwell-gt60-plus-in-1-min-9


Foxwell GT60 Plus supports 19 services reset functions and all systems diagnoses. If you prefer a cost-efficient tablet, Foxwell GT60 will be a good choice.