October 22, 2021
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2017 VW Beetle Oil Reset Done via Foxwell NT680

Since there was a maintenance warning light on 2017 Volkswagen Beetle dashboard. How to do an oil reset for the vehicle with Foxwell NT680 Scanner? Following the steps below to learn how to do.


Plug NT680 connector into OBD, press

Maintenance >> Oil reset >> Volkswagen >> Auto reset


Note: if the automatic reset is not successful, please return to the manual reset.


Select “Old mode”.

If the current mode cannot be reset, please use “New mode”.

2017-vw-beetle-oil-reset-done-via-foxwell-nt680 (1)


Small maintenance >> 5000km/180 day


The new values have been set success.


If go back to press

High maintenance >> 30000km/730 day

Completed successful.


Turn off and on the ignition switch, warning light has gone!


2017-vw-beetle-oil-reset-done-via-foxwell-nt680 (2 2017-vw-beetle-oil-reset-done-via-foxwell-nt680 (3


Foxwell NT680 Do A Oil Reset on 2017 Volkswagen Beetle 

Using NT680 Oil Reset Tool is quite easily.

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