January 25, 2022
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Foxwell GT60 Review: Peugeot 207 Passion Oil & Mileage Reset OK

This Peugeot 207 Passion had a solved problem but still with a 41300km mileage continuously showing on the dashboard. So I’m gonna use Foxwell GT60 Tablet Scanner to reprogram it.

foxwell-gt60-review-peugeot-207-passion-oil-mileage-reset-ok (1)

Plug GT60 connector into OBD2, go access
Maintenance >> Oil reset >> Start >> Europe >> PEUGEOT >> Auto reset >> 207 >> Resetting to zero of the service mileage

Maintenance mileage zero-reset carried out.
foxwell-gt60-review-peugeot-207-passion-oil-mileage-reset-ok (2)

foxwell-gt60-review-peugeot-207-passion-oil-mileage-reset-ok (3)

foxwell-gt60-review-peugeot-207-passion-oil-mileage-reset-ok (4)

Press “Maintenance”.
Ignition on
Here we can modify the values including:
Period before servicing(km), first maintenance threshold(months), period before servicing(km)
Press “OK” to save.

Configuration carried out.
foxwell-gt60-review-peugeot-207-passion-oil-mileage-reset-ok (5)

Let’s go back to check Peugeot dashboard.
Turn ignition off then on.

Alright, the problem has been nicely resolved.
Mileage 41300km is missing, and no more appear again.
Good job. All reset has been done!
foxwell-gt60-review-peugeot-207-passion-oil-mileage-reset-ok (6)

Foxwell GT60 is very easy to use, it can solve maintenance issues for Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Fiat, VW… as well.

This Foxwell Diagnostic Platform works very well. It’s worth the money to make this purchase. Because those who have a garage should take a lot of time to do this procedure without GT60. Moreover, it’s not a bit heavy. For those who have a workshop, it’s really a good investment.

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