January 28, 2022
  • foxwell-christmas

Foxwell NT301 Scanner Update Guide

This is the Foxwell NT301 scanner update guide, hope it is useful.

Here is the procedure:

Step 1. Connect the USB cable to the NT301 tool, and connect the other end to the computer.



Step 2. Download and run the “NT Wonder” application on your PC.

NT Wonder Download link: https://www.foxwelltech.com/download/834

Step 3. On your NT301, press and hold the “Help” Key, this will put the tool into the update mode.



Step 4. The message at the bottom now shows that your NT301 is connected, then click the “Update online” button to check for available updates.

PS: It may take a moment to complete the check.


Step 5. Select the required update, confirm that you wish to update the tool.


Note: The progress bar will fill twice. DO NOT disconnect the device until the green bar has completed.


Step 6. Once the update has finished, close NT Wonder, unplug the USB cable from the tool and the computer.

Foxwell NT301 Update Video Guides: