October 22, 2021
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Foxwell NT520 Pro Supports Opel Latest Vehicles or Not?


My Foxwell NT520 Pro has just opened the Opel software authorization. But it does not work on the Opel vehicle.


When selected, scanner has two options – auto or manual ‘vin’ selection. The ‘auto’ pressed starts communication with vehicle (vehicle – click noise) but then returns to auto/manual screen. When I select ‘Manual’ – list of manufacture years appears, but only goes from 1198-2016.


The vehicle I am trying to test is 2017/18 model. So appears to be incorrect software??

foxwell-nt530-supports-opel-latest-vehicles 1 foxwell-nt530-supports-opel-latest-vehicles 2 foxwell-nt530-supports-opel-latest-vehicles  3 foxwell-nt530-supports-opel-latest-vehicles ( 4



The reason why NT520 Pro does not support Opel latest vehicles is that this Foxwell Professional Scanner is too old. It is better to replace a newer device like Foxwell NT530 with the latest Opel or other carmakers.


NT520 Pro is a 2019 tool that only supports part of car models.


So if you need to do the latest cars for Opel, BMW, Mercedes Benz, GM, or more, please move to www.foxwellstore.com for the original Foxwell newer devices.