January 28, 2022
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Foxwell NT530 can’t do oil/ service/ maintenance reset: Is This True?

Customers wanna test if Foxwell NT530 supports performing oil/service/maintenance reset for the 1998 BMW M3 E36. But recently a few days’ feedback, saying it does not support for this vehicle model on this function. Is this true? To find out the answer, we ask the technical support engineer to help us confirm what the problem exactly is and how to solve it.

Response from foxwellstore.com online shop’s engineer:
Foxwell NT530 does not provide support for the 1998 BMW M3 E36 to reset oil/ service/ maintenance functions automatically, only manual operation is gonna work out.

Here below shows the specific steps on how to reset oil/ service/ maintenance functions manually:
1. Let’s go on with searching the diagnostic connector(the black cylinder). It is located in the engine compartment, near the brake fluid box.
2. You have to remove the cap on top and you’ll see a 20 pin connector.
3. Our interest is to use pins 7 and 19, necessary to reset the oil service light BMW 3 Series E36.
4. Now make sure that the ignition switch is in position 0 (that means no operating of any kind).
5. Remove the key.
6. Then place a jumper wire (refer to the end of this file) between pins 7 and 19.
7. When you see the OIL SERVICE light in the instrument cluster, it’s time to perform a reset oil service light BMW 3 Series E36. When the wire is placed, take the key and insert it int to the ignition switch.
8. Turn the ignition switch to position 2 (run, no start). After approx 3 seconds, you should remove the jumper wire.
9. You will see that the OIL SERVICE light disappears and all the green lights come out.
10. Turn the switch back to position 0, remove the key.
11. Replace the cap on the diagnostic connector and close the engine compartment.

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