January 28, 2022
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Foxwell NT530 FORD Vehicle Quick Scan Instruction

This tech article will help customers who have purchased Foxwell NT530 do a quick scan for FORD vehicle.
How to do it exactly? Read on and follow the instruction below, you will make it.

Detailed Operation Procedures:
Enter into “Main Menu” of this unit<<Press “FORD”<<“Smart VIN
The screen prompts the message “Confirm vehicle profile”, press YES to continue.



Wait a few seconds to wait until it finishes loading data.
It will come to a “Function Menu”, four options are listed up there. Choose “Quick Scan” to move on.

Then the tool will start the “Quick Scan” process automatically.
Here, for this test, there are 47 modules of the car are being quick scanning.
This may take a little long while to finish this process. No choice, but to wait.
Do keep this in mind that when you do the quick scanning of your car, ensure the engine search and dashboard light is on.
The scanning process is done.
One fault code of the car’s powertrain control module is displayed on the screen.


Let’s see the report of the code first. Press “F3” to enter into the detailed information of all the codes it has scanned.
Next, we have to clear the fault code. So press “F1” to erase it.
“Are you sure to clear?” choose YES to confirm.


The clearing code is under process.


Start the engine to check whether it works or not.
Ignition is on, but the passenger airbag light is on as well.


So this tool did a great job, telling me that my airbag module control has a problem.
I need to send the airbag module control to the local repair shop and get this module reset and send back to me.
All right! That’s all for today’s sharing.

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