October 22, 2021
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Foxwell NT530 Read Porsche 987/997/911 Over Rev Data

Foxwell NT530 Scanner can support to easily read over rev data for Porsche 997, 911, Boxster 987, Cayman 987…etc. It is a cheap & useful Porsche over rev tool that can show rev ranges from 1-6.


How to check Porsche Over Rev Data via Foxwell NT530?

Here is taking a Porsche Cayman 987 as demonstration.


Connect NT530 with OBD via cable, press

Porsche >> Manual selection >> Cayman 987 >> Diagnosis >> Control modules >> DME control system >> Special functions >> Vehicle data

foxwell-nt530-read-porsche-987-997-911-over-rev-data-01 foxwell-nt530-read-porsche-987-997-911-over-rev-data-02 foxwell-nt530-read-porsche-987-997-911-over-rev-data-03 foxwell-nt530-read-porsche-987-997-911-over-rev-data-04 foxwell-nt530-read-porsche-987-997-911-over-rev-data-05


Here I can check the number of ignitions, from number 1 to number 6.

The first line has 579 times when it hit. The over rev 1 and the most recent was 3972 hours.


So then I can go through and look at all of the other ignitions as well.

In this particular car, it’s all looking good. I’ve got no over revs in the higher rev range.


Here I can also check the operating hours. So total hours are 4082.

foxwell-nt530-read-porsche-987-997-911-over-rev-data-6 foxwell-nt530-read-porsche-987-997-911-over-rev-data-7


Besides, NT530 also gives quite a lot detailed information of the vehicle including: the vehicle identification number, typification number, production key, order type, country code, engine type… and more.



This is where to check over rev data via Foxwell NT530 Porsche scan tool.

If you have any of the above-mentioned vehicles, NT530 is going to be suitable to check by yourself.