January 25, 2022
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Foxwell NT630 Plus Automotive Service Tool User Feedbacks

Foxwell NT630 Plus OBD2 scanner can provide an accurate and professional diagnosis of ABS/SRS/SAS faults, and removes air from the internal brake fluid chambers after servicing the brakes.

It is an ABS bleeding scan tool that you can use this diagnostic scanner to help bleed the brake, cycling the pump and valves during the bleeding process.

Moreover, benefiting from perfect compatibility, it is compatible with almost all OBDII cars, SUVs, minivans, light-duty trucks sold worldwide, which makes it suitable for both mechanic and DIYers.

foxwell nt630 plus

In the following content, Let’s listen to the customers’ voices and know more about how they feel about this automotive service tool after getting it to work on with the cars.

Foxwell NT630 Plus User Feedback 1:
After getting the SRS (airbag) warning light on my 2005 Honda Accord, I decided to buy this NT630 Plus unit instead of taking my car to the dealer. Very few scan tools will do SRS and ABS codes. From doing research, I concluded my problem was probably the driver’s seat belt buckle switch and the Foxwell tool confirmed it. You can set up real-time monitoring and I could watch the switch go from buckled to unbuckled and then fail as an open circuit. Please be aware that Honda’s SRS codes are published in hexadecimal, so their 61-10 code will show up as 97-16 on the Foxwell. It took me a while to figure that out. After replacing the buckle/harness assembly, I used the tool to clear the code. Even though the SRS light goes away when the problem is fixed, the code is stored permanently unless cleared with a scan tool.

Foxwell NT630 Plus User Feedback 2:
NT630 Plus had the ABS bleed function that I was after for my 01′ Grand Cherokee. I refuse to take my vehicles to any dealer or any mechanic really, I was thrilled to find this worked and could not be beaten for the price. I did my base bleed, then this cycled the solenoids twice and when I bled again, I got the air. It didn’t run the pump during the bleed function like I’ve seen some videos show, but I’m assuming that’s just how the Chrysler program works. It will allow me to run the pump or activate each solenoid separately. Happy guy here.

In addition, I tried this on my 00′ Ranger and it tested the SRS fine, but didn’t appear to do much for the ABS aside from codes, but it is a base model with rear ABS only so that is probably why. It also worked fine to check codes and live data on an 05′ GTO.

Foxwell NT630 Plus User Feedback 3:
I was looking for a scanner that would do more than just tell me what was wrong, and NT630 Plus does.

I’ve had a bit of a soft brake peddle for the last year, no matter how much I bled them, after replacing the brake booster. Started doing some investigating and found that the ABS system needed to be bled with the use of a scanner, and this does that. Just this aspect alone was worth the money. I’m very impressed by all this will do and if you do any work on your own vehicle, I would highly recommend this tool.
We have two mid 2000 GM trucks, so that is what going on. I can’t vouch for any other vehicle, but I would expect it to operate the same.

Foxwell NT630 Plus User Feedback 4:
I used NT630 Plus to Troubleshoot a 2007 Honda Beetle Air Bag Fault Light.
When I received the unit. I was very pleased with the Quality build of this Scanner.
First I recommend you connect to your Pc and download the latest updates. Only took about 20 minutes.
I connect to the VW did a basic OBD2 read just to scan for faults. Very easy to work with and Screen Display
Nice to view. Had no faults in that menu. then went to the airbag reads. Said I had 15 airbags. Wow!
I did a fault read and Bingo! Up Popped the Fault! It was a 00591 faulty left Seat belt Switch.
I tried the erase fault feature and it erased. I sprayed the seatbelt latch with the contact cleaner.
Seems Ok. Time will tell! If it goes again I plan on disconnecting the yellow connector under the driver’s seat and spray
its electrical contacts. My Opinion This Scanner is a Keeper!!! I’m sure if I would have taken to My Local VW Dealer.
they would have billed me much more than I paid for the Scanner.

Foxwell NT630 Plus User Feedback 5:
This scanner, NT630 Plus, compared to other scanners at this price range makes up to be one of the most vigorous and deep component level scanners. For example, it will check and operate the antilock brake unit”s components individually to root out the problem. But keep in mind all functions are not supported for every make and model. It’s a Hit or a miss thing as with every other scanner on market. Even the high price Autel scanners have the same story. Great buy for this price!

Foxwell NT630 Plus User Feedback 6:
Purchased the tool of NT630 Plus to clear the SRS warning light on my 2002 Honda Odyssey after I addressed the problem that caused the light to go on. Water was leaking onto the driver seat belt tensioner from a leaking roof rack. I reviewed the video demo of how to use the scanner and went to work. My scanner probably had updated software so things didn’t match up with the video, but easy enough to work through to eliminate the SRS warning light. I hope the fix is permanent and only time will tell. At least I can extinguish it again now that I have the scanner. Worthwhile investment considering what Honda dealers charge to fix it.

Foxwell NT630 Plus User Feedback 7:
I bought this because my Toyota vehicle threw a series of codes. It allowed me to view the codes, and clear them. This saved me the trip to the dealer to have them cleared which would have cost more than the price of this scanner.
This unit will also allow you to activate the system to properly bleed the brakes. After clearing the codes above, I decided to bleed the brakes using this tool and the pedal is firmer than it was when it was a new vehicle.
Highly recommended. It worked like a charm and is an indispensable tool.

Foxwell NT630 Plus User Feedback 8:
After purchasing NT630 Plus, I was able to use this scanner to read the ABS related codes on my Dodge Nitro. I had the ABS, Traction control and ESP/BAS lights on my dash, and my old scanner could not read these codes. The Foxwell was able to read the stored codes, as well as perform live monitoring, which helped me identify which wheel had a bad speed sensor. I then purchased a replacement sensor for ~$20 and was able to correct the problem myself. Taking this to a dealer or repair shop would have cost hundreds of dollars to repair, including an $80 charge just for the diagnostics. I am very happy with this scanner.

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