January 25, 2022
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Foxwell NT650 Elite Professional Scanner FAQs

As released for sale by manufacturers, Foxwell NT650 Elite is positioned as a cost-effective solution for the service and maintenance of your vehicle. It has a clearly arranged keypad, menu-driven operation, shortcuts, and an easy-to-read 4.3” color display, which makes the scanner extremely easy to use.

Here below goes for the FAQs of Foxwell NT650 Elite collected from customer’s feedback which in some sense can be referred to when purchasing this scanner. Let’s check together.

Q1: I extremely want to buy a scanner that can diagnose and effectively repair my car? Can Foxwell NT650 Elite work for it and how does it work?
A1: Sorry, this does not repair anything ( effectively repair ), I mean, yes it diagnoses up to a point, and then you repair the problem, and it will reset the repair code when you are done. it does assist in some repair procedures such as brake bleeding.

Q2: My car model is a 2004 Volvo xc 90, so how to read CEM with a Foxwell NT650 elite scanner?
A2: It’s just a matter of plugging the scanner into the OBDII port and letting it read the codes you have stored. It will give you a brief description of the fault but you can go online to get a more in-depth explanation. If you download the specific file for your car you will get more functionality out of the scanner.

Q3: Will this 650 ELITE scanner run the abs cycle on the land rover after brake repair?
A3: Yes, the nt650 Elite diagnostic tool will run the abs cycle on your car after brake repair. Besides, it can also read and clear fault codes, live data, perform abs active test and special functions on abs, such abs bleeding, automatically commands each solenoid valve and the pump motor on and off to test for proper operation, brake bleed preparation test, etc.

Q4: Foxwell NT 650 elite’s relevant software has already been updated, but I still can not read the cem central electronic module. Can you tell me why?
A4: I’m assuming you use 650 Elite for a Volvo car? The cem can burn out causing all sorts of issues, one of which is the inability to access it with a scanner. The cem isn’t that hard to remove and open up to visually inspect. Have a look at it.

Q5: Will this 650 elite diagnostic scanner help me reset AdBlue on the 2014 Mercedes E250 Bluetec diesel? The message says “engine start remaining 10”.
A5: Glad to inform you that FOXWELL NT650 Elite will work on your vehicle for the OBDII ABS SRS system, but it could not reset AdBlue on your vehicle. Hope it can do as what you said in the future.

Q6: Will the Foxwell NT650 elite do battery registration on a 05 6 series BMW for a new battery?
A6: Yes, this diagnostic tool will do battery registration on a 05 6 series BMW for a new battery. But please note the replacement battery must be the SAME BATTERY TYPE and CAPACITY with the ORIGINAL.

Q7: Car model: 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP,
will this 650 elite scanner read and control abs + tire speed & TCS? haven’t found anything that does more than read so far.
A7: The elite version diagnostic scanner will read abs + tire speed & TCS control module. Please provide the VIN number to us, we will check if the scan tool can control those systems.

Q8: Can the 650 elite read codes on the 2006 R350 class Mercedes?
A8: Yes and no. It will read engine codes as is. However for ABS, SRS, transmission, A/C, and most chassis codes you need a Mercedes-specific version that comes with the 38 pin connector needed to interface with the systems. I believe the 510 comes in a Mercedes specific version.

Q9: Can this NT650 Elite reset airbag lights? If so, what are the steps?
A9: Yes, this scan tool will reset airbag lights.
First, connect the scanner to your car, choose “ABS&SRS”.
Second, find your car brand and choose your car model.
Third, diagnose the airbag and find out what wrong with the car.
Fourth, Correct the condition(s) that caused the fault codes. Then you will be able to erase the codes, and the light will be set.

To be continued…
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