January 25, 2022
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Foxwell NT650 Professional OBD2 Scanner FAQs

As an international OBD2 scanning tool, Foxwell NT650 offers multilingual support, and more importantly, is compatible with a range of Asia-based and EU-based vehicles. It will work on most models built after 1996, only if they have an OBD2 service port. The model guarantees a bug-free experience for users, thanks to its detailed presentation and wide range of services offered. It can detect and clear engine faults, thanks to the full range of OBD2 services provided. The Foxwell NT650 scanner features a rubberized coat which works to protect it against damage in the event the scanner is mishandled. The model has a wide LCD screen for clear data presentation, which it carries out in multiple ways that includes both graphical and textual diagnostic reports.

Q1: Does the NT650 support TPMS services for imported trucks?
A1: Provided your truck is compatible with OBD2, the NT650 will offer a range of basic and advanced diagnostic services.

Q2: Can this NT650 reset airbag lights? If so, what are the steps?
A2: Yes, this scan tool will reset airbag lights.
First, connect the scanner to your car, choose “ABS&SRS”.
Second, find your car brand and choose your car model.
Third, diagnose the airbag and find out what wrong with the car.
Fourth, Correct the condition(s) that caused the fault codes.

Q3: Can NT650 support 2015 maserati ghbli Diesel M157 for oil reset?
A3: Not sure, but NT650 Elite, an upgraded version of NT650, can support.


Q4: My car models is Audi Q3 2015. I want to Reset inspection service 1 & 2. Allow me with this scanner?
A4: yes, it does.

Q5: Does the scanner have the DPF regeneration function?
A5: Yes. Contact our customer service and provide the make, model and year of your car, she will check it for you.

Q6: 2016 Maserati Granturismo sport for service reset, does NT650 support?
A6: Yes, this is supported.

Q7: What is the difference between Foxwell NT624 and NT 650?
A7: The foxwell NT624 is a full system diagnostic scanner, it can read and clear error codes for all diagnosable modules (engine, transmission, ABS, airbag, EPB, heating/air conditioning control, etc.) and show live sensor data of those modules, in addision, it provides EPB service and oil light reset. The foxwell NT650 is a multi-application service tool, which provides autolock brake reset, airbag crash data reset, steering angle sensor calibration, electronic park brake reset, diesel particulate filter reset, Oil service light reset, tire pressure monitor system reset, throttle body alignment reset, battery mangement service, transmission function,ect. Besides, nt650 can also work on all obd2 cars and it has full obd2 functions ( read and clear obd2 codes, i/m readiness, live freeze data, live O2 sensor data, ect).

Q8: Why does the NT644 cost twice as much as the NT650?
A8: The foxwell NT644 is a full system diagnostic scanner with all special functions. The only difference between NT644 plus and NT650 is the NT650 can not provides full system diagnostic. NT650 provides obd2 diagnosis and special functions(ABS reset, SRS crash data reset, SAS calibration, EPB reset, DPF, Oil service light reset, TPMS reset, throttle body alignment reset, battery mangement service, ect. ).

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