January 28, 2022
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Foxwell NT650 vs Autel AutoLink AL519

The comparison between Foxwell NT650 and Autel Autolink AL519 could help provide more information on how to choose a top quality and effective scanner for your cars.

OK, it’s time for my experience sharing.

I had spent months looking for a solution to my airbag and brake system problems, for which I received rather hefty quotes. These systems needed some work after I had entered into a small collision. The expense was so large that I opted to find an alternative DIY fix to my needs. I tried as much as I knew how, but could not correct these faults. I discovered that I could address this problem with an on board diagnostic device.

I accidently googled “OBD2 Car tools” on the Internet and found this website of foxwellstore.com. Many professional car service tools are listed up there. I choose Foxwell NT650 and give it a try. it did work very well, never seen a car service tool like this one.

So from what I am thinking about, the comparison between Foxwell NT650 and Autel Autolink AL519 could determine many customer’s choices and shaped their actions.

Let’s check the specific difference between them.

1. Bug fixes and Error code definitions
Foxwell NT650 offers lifetime free updates, which can be accessed online through a Windows PC.These updates are designed to address bugs and improve the quality of features on offer. While autel offers updates as well, many users have complained of the tedious process and potential costs involved. Foxwell NT650 does not offer a comprehensive definition of error codes, which makes it rather limited for inexperienced users. The generic definition, while viable for professionals, might be challenging for DIY enthusiasts without a wealth of experience. Its code troubleshooting capability is also limited when compared to other scanners. Autel offers a comprehensive look up library that provides a thorough definition of error codes. You will be able to assess your vehicle better thanks to manufacturer specific error codes, which are designed for increased ease of diagnostics. That said, Foxwell’s consistent free upgrade offers you the ability to enhance your scanner to support your vehicle better, as well as meet the expectation for most new releases. It is designed for increasingly easier use, thanks to an unlimited upgrade option.

2. Ease of use
Autel AL519 is a leading choice for very easy to use diagnostic tools. It features patented scanning services, including the one-click smog check, and offers minimal risk assessment of your vehicle. This tool supports KWP2000, CAN, J1850PWM, ISO2000 and ISO1941, which makes it an all rounded OBD2 scanning tool. It is very easy to use on compatible models, with the unit featuring most manufacturer specific codes. The model is designed to fit your grip as well, making it a very easy to use choice. While the model offers a range of diagnostic services as detailed as some of the preferred scanning tools used today, it features very easy presentation and a straightforward menu. These make it easier to use. The Foxwell NT650 features a suitable design for increased ease of use. It fits within your grip, and offers detail in its presentation. The hand-held make is bulkier than the AL519, but it offers a well arranged keypad and high quality screen. The user friendly menu enhances the ease of control, with shortcuts and driven operations working to make it simpler to grasp. It may be tougher than the AL519 for new users, but offers a wider variety of scanning services to make up for that.

3. Vehicle coverage and diagnostics
The Autel scanner is compatible with both OBD2 and CAN models manufactured after 1996. Provided your vehicle has a relevant connection port, you can run diagnostics with this scanner. Some users have complained over the compatibility of the autel scanner with their vehicles, suggesting that you should check with your seller before making the purchase. The model offers a great range of diagnostic services for compatible vehicle models, and is very easy to use. It is a lightweight, diverse and accurate scanning tool that could deliver a great diagnostic experience. The AL519 retrieves most generic and manufacturer specific codes for vehicles it is compatible with, and could even be used to determine problems causing a flashing check engine light. This model also resets monitors, displays emission status, and offers a decent range of diagnostic features which includes reading, storing and graphing your data. On the other hand, the Foxwell NT650 only offers OBD2 services for vehicles manufactured in the same time period. However, the scanner also offers specialized functions that make it stand out in comparison with the AL519. The NT650 delivers for a wider range of modern vehicles, and offers a greater range of services. This unit will offer TPS, EPB, TPMS, SAS, DPF, Gear Lear and injection functions, which provide more accurate diagnosis. Alongside highly detailed OBD2 findings, the NT650 will also offer advanced on board monitoring, as well as versatile graphic presentations for a clear diagnostic output.

To sum up.
After checking the detailed comparison above, I think most customers would choose Foxwell NT650 instead of Autel AL519. As for me, yes, absolutely Foxwell NT650. We can clearly see NT650’s unbeatable advantage. The NT650 scanner offers a comprehensive list of services, as well as additional advanced diagnostic features. I like the clear display and great design, as well as the fortified exterior which features hardened rubber to protect it against impact damage. This model is compatible with my BMW, which makes it easy to maintain my car. The model does not require additional batteries, and can display diagnostic results in a variety of formats to help technicians or DIY enthusiasts like me to understand what they need to address. I also enjoy free lifetime updates for my diagnostic scanner, which tops Autel’s limited window for the AL519. I would recommend the Foxwell NT650 for all BMW owners.
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