January 25, 2022
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Foxwell NT680 Automotive Service Tool User Feedbacks

Foxwell NT680 provides easy and quick diagnosis on more than 70 American, Asian and European vehicle makes, which makes it special and causes huge attention from the technicians, staff of repair shops, and car enthusiasts as soon as it comes out to the market. With a one-key VIN reading function, it can help you identify the car model and year automatically. Such a high-end and high-performance OBD2 diagnostic scanner that will be worth your money to have a try.

foxwell nt680

In the following content, Let’s listen to the customers’ voices and know more about how they feel about this automotive service tool after getting it to work on with the cars.

Feedback 1:
I bought NT680 for reading Automatic transmission codes display transmission temp on my Mitsubishi Pajero, NT 2010, 3.2L Diesel, and it works as my expectation.

Feedback 2:
The Foxwell NT680 diagnostic tool works as described.
I needed to troubleshoot an airbag light issue on my vehicle. I already have 2 other diagnostic units, but they could not help me with this issue. I made comparisons to many similar products between different brands before making up my mind to get this unit. With this great tool, I was able to identify the reasons for the light and to program some aspects of the SRS system. I am very satisfied with the product.

Feedback 3:
Easy to use. Good instructions. I am NOT a mechanic, but my mechanic recommended NT680 to me. With so many diagnostic special functions to work on my car, I’ll have a better understanding of what needs to be fixed. More importantly, No need to worry about getting ripped off by dealers, or repair shops.

Feedback 4:
This NT680 works on most brands. It will help you save money in repairs and maintain the car in optimal conditions way before anything turns for worst in the car. Moreover, this helped me diagnose a lean code and only change the faulty part rather than throw parts at the problem. This scanner is far more functional than equivalently priced scanners from the local auto parts store.

Feedback 5:
Easy to use, Color screen! I really love that the NT680’s connection has a longer cable that allows you to sit comfortably when using. I had a problem with my truck running rough. Plugged into port and in an instant I had the problem identified with the codes and description. It saved me money by not having to go to dealership and and identifying the problem. Glad I finally bought a scanner. Pays for itself without question.

Feedback 6:
So far I really like this NT680. My sweetie! It does exactly what you expect a consumer grade scanner to do, it reads and clears codes but also gives live data streams and logs. I gave it to a shop next to my office and so far those guys like it too. It doesn’t read SRS, ABS or transmission codes that aren’t stored in the PCM though but most consumer grade OBDII scanners don’t either.

Feedback 7:
NT680 is easy to update and learn the codes. It only turns on if you have it connected to your computer or to your vehicle, don’t make the mistake of saying it won’t turn on and that it’s broken simply because it doesn’t have a power button. The instruction manual is extremely helpful and you can update both online and offline if needed.

Feedback 8:
A no brainer, your time is worth way more than this costs, so buy this NT680 service tool. And I’m your average tree shade mechanic who works on his own cars, not a fake reviewer as you can see on my history. This product was that good for me to leave a glowing review.

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