October 22, 2021
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Foxwell NT680 Pro Reset Airbag Light for Porsche Cayenne

There is an airbag warning light on the Porsche Cayenne dashboard. So I’m gonna use the Foxwell NT680 Pro scanner to reset it.


Plug NT680 Pro connector into OBD, press

Diagnostic >> Europe >> Porsche >> Manual Selection >> Cayenne (92A from MY 2011) >> Diagnosis >> Control Module >> Airbag Control System >> Read Code


It found a fault code:

B100B1B – DTC – Driver side airbag, limit value exceeded.

foxwell-nt680-pro-reset-airbag-light-for-porsche-cayenne-1 foxwell-nt680-pro-reset-airbag-light-for-porsche-cayenne-2 foxwell-nt680-pro-reset-airbag-light-for-porsche-cayenne-3 foxwell-nt680-pro-reset-airbag-light-for-porsche-cayenne-4 foxwell-nt680-pro-reset-airbag-light-for-porsche-cayenne-5


Go back to “Clear Codes”.


Ignition ON and engine not running? Yes


DTCs and freeze data will be cleared.

Press “Enter” to continue.


Codes cleared.

Airbag warning light has gone at the same time!

foxwell-nt680-pro-reset-airbag-light-for-porsche-cayenne-6 foxwell-nt680-pro-reset-airbag-light-for-porsche-cayenne-7


NT680 Pro Review: It’s quick and easy to do an airbag reset in 2 minutes. Work well on a 2011 Porsche Cayenne. The diagnostic tool should be compatible for other Porsche cars and more. Very useful and powerful indeed.