November 27, 2021
  • Black Friday Sale 2021

Foxwell NT680 Pro Reset & Clear Audi B100B1B SRS Error

I’m in an Audi right now. You can see there’s an airbag warning light showing on the dashboard. So I’m gonna use Foxwell NT680 Pro Scanner to diagnose and reset it.

Just a few quick steps.

Diagnostic >> Europe >> Audi >> Systems >> Diagnose >> Control modules >> Common >> Airbags control system >> Read codes


I’ve got a fault code:

B100B1B – Driver thorax airbag igniter. Resistance too high – passive/sporadic


It tells about there’s a problem with the driver’s connections. I did check and find a loose connection as a yellow connector which was half in half out. I’ve put that back in now but obviously the airbag light is still showing.

So I need to clear codes.


Ignition ON and engine not running? Yes


DTCs and freeze data will be cleared. Click “Yes” to continue.

When I click on this, it’s gone off instantly.


Codes cleared!


NT680 Pro is really a good all system scanner. It covers lots of vehicle manufacturers & special functions. If you did not need too many special functions, then Foxwell NT680 will be an inexpensive selection.