November 27, 2021
  • Black Friday Sale 2021

Foxwell NT809 Preview: First Look & Test on Mercedes

New arrival Foxwell NT809 OBD2 Scanner is offering a 20% discount now. Only $389 is available!!! let’s take a look at what NT809 looks like, and what it can do.

– Carton x 1pc
– Bag x 1pc
– NT809 main tablet x 1pc
– User manual x 1pc
– Quick start guide x 1pc
– Warranty x 1pc
– Packing list x 1pc
– Main cable x 1pc
– USB cable x 1pc
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– 7” touch screen tablet, hard & compact, easy to carry.
– A support bracket on the backside, stable to place.
– WiFi & Bluetooth supported 3 ports for connection: diagnostic port, USB Type-C port, USB port.
– A power status indicator at the left top.
– Press the power button to quick screenshot.
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Foxwell NT809 Mercedes Test Review

The fault codes can be read out in minutes via Quick Scan.

After scan, it’s allowed to do ECU information, read codes, live data, active test, control unit adaptations, special functions for Mercedes.
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Check the test values when driving in Live Data.
NT809 Scanner will display the Mercedes temperature of the coolant, battery voltage, oil level, and air conditioning in detail.

Check the electronic accelerator, we can see the position pedal value sensor, throttle valve actuator voltage, throttle valve angle, etc. We can also change to graphic display mode.
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Besides, NT809 also supports recording and playback of the data logs to catch intermittent faults.

Foxwell NT809 is compatible with the latest 2021 cars, SUVs, minivans, light-duty trucks, covering 90+ car makes such as BMW, GM, Audi, Benz, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Suzuki, etc.

NT809 has 28 most frequently used reset functions like ABSDPF, EFR reset, EPB, EVAP/SMOG test, gear learn, headlamp, injector, odometer, oil reset, SAS, seat match, TCMOIL, TPMS, etc.
Can switch to 14 languages: Korea, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swedish, English, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Hungarian, Greek, Chinese, Traditional Chinese
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Foxwell NT809 Unboxing Video

Foxwell NT809 Function Display Video