January 25, 2022
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Foxwell NT809 Review: Unboxing & Functions Quick Look


As the latest entry-level diagnostic scanner, what can Foxwell NT809 to do for every day repair jobs? This is an unboxing review to have a look at its functions.


Whats in Foxwell NT809 Package?

  • NT809 Main Unit 1pc
  • Diagnostic Cable 1pc
  • USB Charging 1pc
  • USB TYPE C Cable 1pc
  • User’s Manual 1pc
  • Quick Start Guide 1pc
  • Warranty Card 1pc
  • Hard outer case 1pc

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What does Foxwell NT809 do?

6 main functions on Home page: Diagnostic, Maintenance, Update, Data Manager, My Account, More+.

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  • Diagnostic

NT809 supports full system diagnostics to scan all available modules including: read & clear DTCs, live data, freeze frame, ECU information. 


Covers 90+ car makes, no extra software fee, compatible with 2020-2021 car models.

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American Coverage:

Chrysler,Dodge,Jeep,Ford,GM,Tesla,GM_Brazil(for Brazilian market only).


Asian Coverage:

Acura,Daewoo,Daihatsu,Ford_AU,Fuso,Hino,Holden,Honda,Hyundai,Hyundaicv,Infiniti,Isuzu,Isuzu Truck,Kia,Lexus,Mahindra,Maruti,Mazda,Mitsubishi,Nissan,Perodua,Proton,

Scion,Ssangyong,Subaru,Suzuki,Tata,Toyota,Gtr,Samsung,Ford_AU,Holden(for Australia market only),Mahindra,Tata(for Indian market)


European Coverage:




Chinese Coverage:





  • Maintenance

NT809 supports 30+ maintenance services and 14 languages, covers ABS, AFR Adaptation, BRT, clutch adaptation, CVT, DPF, EFR reset, EPB, EVAP/SMOG test, gear learn, headlamp, injector, language change, odometer, ODS initialization, oil reset, OPDS initialization, oxygen sensor test, prime fuel pump, replace airbag ECU module, SAS, seat match, TCMOIL, TPMS, TPS, transmission adaption, turbo, windowsdoor.

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  • Data Manager

Here you can check the functions: Image, PDF, Data Playback, Data Record and Report.

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  • My Account

Here you can set personal information including My Account, My Products, and give advice Feedback and Suggestions.

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  • Update

Here you should login to update the latest software, which supports 18 months free update online.


  • More+

Here you can perform Remote Control, Setting, Functions and VCI manager.

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How to use Foxwell NT809:Foxwell NT 809 User Manual

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Hope this NT809 Diagnostic Tool review is helpful.