January 25, 2022
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Foxwell Scanners Update Failure & “Blue Screen”: How to solve?

Foxwell professional scanners, such as NT650, NT650 Elite, NT644 Elite, are always working well due to high performance and high-quality hardware, but recently some customers told us the scanner sometimes encounter the update failure and even “blue screen”. How did that happen?

We know this problem is in very rare cases, but as long as there is device breaking down, we have to figure out satisfied solution for the customers.

Let’s see what the problem actually is:

Customer Question 1:

Hi there I’ve put a bigger SD card 64gb in my NT624 Elite

I’ve copied all the files from the card that came with the scanner but with the new card, I get a blue screen with system file corrupted can you help plz.

Customer Question 2:

Hello, I have tried to format a new card on my NT650 unit, the previous one does not recognize it, then attempted to update software and now it says INSTALLATION FAILED, the screen is still blue.

Relevant pictures posted below:

foxwell nt650 elite blue screen error

foxwell scanner update failure

Official solution provided by tech engineer:

  1. When facing this problem, customer should try to format the original SD card first and see if the update process with FoxAssist can work normally, according to the correct update steps.
  2. If the original SD card can not be formatted, like the problem of device failing to recognize the original card occurred, what customer needs to do is change another new SD card, it storage volume could be 16GB or 32GB.
  3. The suggested storage volume could better be at a maximum of 32 GB, that’s because SD card with 64GB or above may not be supported by Foxwell scanners currently.

Also, the probable useful solution provided for reference:

Happen to walk through the Auto Tools Forum, and find out this probable work-out solution by enthusiastic DIYer, only for reference.

“I have put 64 GB cards in both of my scanners (NT644 elite and 650 elite).

You just have to format the cards to fat32 and they will work.”

Hope it will give some help for customers facing this update failure and blue screen problem.

Thanks for reading. See you guys next time.