January 25, 2022
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Foxwell T1000 Review: Affordable & Good TPMS Tool Investment

I bought the Foxwell T1000 TPMS Trigger Tool on Black Friday. Try to read TPMS sensors, delete, clone, or assign new sensors. I’ve upgraded the firmware immediately after receiving it. Following I’ll review & test it on a Nissan X-Trail T32.

I got the firmware V1.10.002 on the tool. And it works flawlessly for the reader. Due to Black Friday, It took 99 hours to arrive today. I’m very surprised because such a device is affordable after years. Everything else costs around 600-700 dollars, but Foxwell T1000 price is only $169 dollars.

Now let’s have a look at how it works.

TPMS >> Asia >> Nissan >> X-Trail >> 2013/11-2016/08(433MHz) >> TPMS sensor activate

foxwell-t1000-review-affordable-good-tpms-tool-investment (1)

foxwell-t1000-review-affordable-good-tpms-tool-investment (2)

foxwell-t1000-review-affordable-good-tpms-tool-investment (3)

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Do you want to delete existing sensor information? Yes

Go out with Foxwell T1000 tool close to the tire. It asks me to activate each sensor.

Press “Activate”, sensor info will display in seconds.

It asks to go on, just repeat continuous operations for the remaining sensors.

All that sensors activation can work fine, very easy and quick.

So let’s exit to see the menu.

Here I can also do a TPMS sensor program, sensor learning process, and check original sensor info.

foxwell-t1000-review-affordable-good-tpms-tool-investment (5)

foxwell-t1000-review-affordable-good-tpms-tool-investment (6)

For T33 or more models, because it has 56 memory units that means it can store a lot more information than T32. Therefore, I think T1000 is a good investment to make between 15-20 dollars each time for activating or clone fee. At some point, I don’t feel like paying 20 dollars for it all the time.

As a rule, a sensor lasts about 5-7 years or about 150,000km. Then the sensors have to be replaced. With Foxwell T1000, I can easily learn, clone TPMS sensors by myself from now on. In addition, I can determine how much the battery capacity of TPMS sensors has.

Foxwell T1000 has a key tester for radio keys. It also works with almost all car models such as VW, Toyota, Seat, and more.

I succeeded to program 4 original Nissan sensors and VDO sensors. I’m not sure IF they can be used for other car brands. So buy together with Foxwell T10 Rubber Sensors/ T10 Metal Sensors might be a good choice.