November 28, 2021
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Honda Civic 2017 P0351 DTC Cleared by Foxwell NT680 Pro

This is a Foxwell NT680 Pro Review to solve the P0351 fault code for the 2017 Honda Civic. There’s a flashing check engine light on the dashboard. Hopefully, the scanner can reset it.
honda-civic-2017-p0351-dtc-cleared-by-foxwell-nt680-pro (1)

Plug NT680 Pro connector into OBD, press
Diagnostic >> Asia >> HONDA >> Smart VIN >> OK >> Control modules >> Engine control system

Read data… please wait until 100%

Go to “Read codes”, I’ve got a permanent P0351 DTC:
“No.1 cylinder intake SDE ignition coil circuit malfunction.”
That means there was a problem with cylinder number one.
honda-civic-2017-p0351-dtc-cleared-by-foxwell-nt680-pro (2)

So I put a new ignition coil in. What I need to do now is an attempt to clear the codes which should get rid of the warning light and fault codes.

Press “F1” to clear codes.

DTCs and freeze data will be cleared, press “Yes” to continue.

The engine should not be running but the ignition should be on.

Turn the ignition switch off.

Clearing codes request is sent.
Please read codes again to check if DTCs are cleared successfully.
honda-civic-2017-p0351-dtc-cleared-by-foxwell-nt680-pro (3)

Let’s read codes again.
It tells “System pass. No fault found”.
And the check engine light has completely gone after I turned on the engine again.
honda-civic-2017-p0351-dtc-cleared-by-foxwell-nt680-pro (4)

Really good news.
Thanks to NT680 Pro All System Scanner solved Honda Civic P0351 issue.