January 25, 2022
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How to do ABS Bleeding via Foxwell NT630 Plus/ NT650 Elite?

This is a guide to show ways to bleed your brakes, and get the air out via Foxwell Professional Scanners. The demo is taking Foxwell NT630 Plus to work on a Chevrolet light-duty truck. The operation is also workable for Foxwell NT650Elite which is newer and can perfectly replace NT630 Plus.

Plug NT630 Plus connector into OBD interface,
Identity Vehicle Model
AutoVIN >> Automatic VIN acquisition >> Yes >> Yes >> 4-speed automatic >> Under 8600 GVW >> 2-speed active >> CJ2 dual zone HVAC, automatic >> Base radio >> Equal to or under 8600 GVW



ABS Bleeding Path
Control modules >> Anti-lock brake system >> Special functions >> Automated bleed

Use the two-person bleed procedure under the following conditions:
– Installing a new electro-hydraulic control unit(EHCU) or new brake pressure modulator value(BRMV).
– Air is trapped in the valve body. Do not drive the vehicle until the brake pedal feels firm.
Press “OK”.



Follow Prompts to Operate:
Stop vehicle, press “OK”.
Check fluid level.
Check/ set park brake. Press “OK”.
Shift transmission into Park/ Neutral. Press “Yes”.
Apply and hold the brake pedal.

Hold the brake.
Hear your ABS pump running and feel the brake pedal vibrating.
Release brake pedal.
Apply and hold the brake pedal.
Hear your ABS pump running and feel the brake pedal vibrating.
Hold brake.

Auto bleed completed.


Foxwell NT630 Plus/ Foxwell NT650Elite ABS Bleed is easy to do in 5 minutes. Indeed, it is an useful tool.