January 28, 2022
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How to Find and Print Vehicle Diagnostic Report on Foxwell NT530

If you have read the fault code by Foxwell NT530 for your BMW cars, but you don’t know where to retrieve them. How to download and save the data on a laptop? Check the step-by-step guide below to help you.

Please kindly notice:
The device demonstrated is Foxwell NT624 Elite Automaster Pro, but the process is applied to all the hand-held Foxwell Scanners, including NT530.

Step 1: Go to Foxwell NT530 BMW Tablet
Select [EOBD]-> [Automatic selection]
It will show diagnostic menu.
Select [Read codes]-> [Stored codes]
Press [F1] and press [F3] to save the file
Step 2: Back to main menu
Select [Data Manager]-> [Fault code]
Press [F3], and then you can see the trouble codes saved just now.

Step 3: Connect NT530 scanner and PC via USB cable
Back to main menu and select [Update]
Wait for updating…
Step 4: Go to the computer screen
Drag and drop the file called EOBD in the device onto the Foxwell NT530 software icon on the desktop
Step 5: Sign in Foxwell software with email address and password
Click on [Data Manager] and [Report] for the corresponding file

Finally, click on [Print] to print the vehicle diagnostic report
That’s all!

Foxwell NT530 Multi-System OBD2 Scanner With BMW Software Authorization Adds BMW F-series/F-chassis Diagnosis: