January 25, 2022
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How to Repair Foxwell Scanners File Damage Issue?


My Foxwell NT650 Elite cannot download & install any software, even using a card reader, the Foxwell Assist still can’t find the SD card. The SD card can only be read when inserting NT650 Elite. I just formatted the card. Please help me!



Solution – How to repair file damage?

The file damage problem generally occurs after formatting SD card by misoperation. It may cause blue screen or need to replace the memory card. Please follow the operation steps below to solve the problem.

Note: The procedure only applies to Foxwell Professional Scanners which are new upgraded & 4th-generation handheld. Such as Foxwell NT530, NT680, NT680 Pro, NT650 Elite, etc.

Take NT630 PLUS as a exmaple

Step1. It is need to insert the memory card or a new card into Foxwell device if it displays a blue screen when connecting to computer via USB cable.

Step2. Press “Enter” button on device to check if the computer can read the memory card.

– If it can read, go on to step3;

– If it can’t read, use a card reader to try again.



Step3. Open Foxwell Assist software to check if the account SN bound to device is same as the logged in account. (If they are not consistent, the model software won’t be displayed.)

repair-foxwell-scanners-file-damage-issue 03


Step4. Check whether the SN is displayed in the upper right corner.

If the SN is not displayed, re-insert the memory card to connect computer again, repeat step1&2, if the problem still exits, please feedback to us.

repair-foxwell-scanners-file-damage-issue 04


Step5. Select car model software to download. It is recommend to use a card reader to download and update the software.

repair-foxwell-scanners-file-damage-issue 05


Step6. Make sure the Internet speed is stable and fast, be patient to observe whether the memory card space is sufficient.

repair-foxwell-scanners-file-damage-issue 06


Step7. Make sure the Computer C drive has sufficient storage space when unzipping, otherwise it will fail.

repair-foxwell-scanners-file-damage-issue 07


Step8. Restart the device normally after completing download.


repair-foxwell-scanners-file-damage-issue 08


Hope this article is helpful.