January 25, 2022
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How to solve NT301 Plus “Wrong Battery CCA Readout” Error?

Before today’s problem-solved instruction, let’s briefly introduce Foxwell NT301 Plus code reader.
As a combination of NT301 scanner and BT100 battery tester, Foxwell NT301 Plus can provide customers with the easiest and cost-effective solution for OBD faults and battery status check. It is a CAN OBDII/EOBD Code Reader and 12V battery tester with 2.8’’ TFT color screen and hotkeys for I/M readiness test, and reading/clearing DTCs streamline automotive service. Moreover, it can help ensure rapid, accurate diagnosis and timely repair.

OK, let’s get right to the point of how to solve NT301 Plus “Wrong Battery CCA Readout” Error.

Let’s see what the customer’s problem exactly is:
The customer complained to the staff of the customer service of Foxwellstore, “I already follow the user manual to use NT301 Plus to test my car battery. I have to clarify that this battery is a completely new one which was replaced by the vehicle repair shop a week ago. Since at that time, I didn’t have an OBD2 scan tool. Otherwise, I would diagnose the problem and replace by myself. It cost me huge money. The battery’s actual rating is 850 CCA, but this unit just kept giving me the wrong digital readout of “385 CCA”. I couldn’t figure out why this strange problem would happen to me. Hope to solve it as soon as possible. Relevant photos provided as follows.





Let’s see the solution provided by the technical engineer of Foxwellstore:
In fact, when first knowing about this using problem of NT301 Plus, it took a long while for this engineer to find out what the most possible reason it could be. He checked carefully and clear any possible fault accordingly. Finally, he got the answer, see the picture below.


He troubleshoots the problem that the customer didn’t hook up the red clamp and black clamp to the battery in the right way. This caused the problem to occur.
The red clamp with the red lead has to be hooked up to the battery positive post directly;
The black clamp with the black lead has to be hooked up to the battery negative post directly.
Do keep this correct procedure in mind.
Then you can get the right readout of this battery with NT301 Plus.

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